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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GroupOuting?

GroupOuting is the world's first travel marketplace in true sense of the term, which connects travelers and travel agents over an online platform. In short GroupOuting is a complete travel solution. This online platform allows travelers to create their own travel plans, setup custom itinerary, form groups and finally invite secret bids from numerous travel agents. Users can also join other public travel groups or buy a travel package offered by travel agents online. While traveling, users can manage their group expense using the group expense manager. In fact GroupOuting offers hoard of other features to make your travel experience complete and enriching.

I see you are selling travel packages. So how are you different from any other travel portal?

That is exactly where GroupOuting is different and unique. The travel packages you see are not sold by us. They are sold by travel agents themselves. Just like you are registered here as a traveler, similarly there are thousands of travel agents from across India who are registered as well. The packages are offered by these travel agents cater to all kind of budget and travel needs. GroupOuting aims to become the most trusted online platform which offers a complete travel solution. Connecting these travel agents with travelers on a transperant plaform is just one of our endeveours.

If i am registered in GroupOuting, will i be hounded by travel agents?

Absolutely not. In fact it is the other way round. User profiles are absolutely private whereas the Travel Agent profiles are public. A travel agent will never get to know or see you until you contact them directly. You on the other hand can see all travel agent profiles.

Why do you only have social login/ registration?

GroupOuting is a community based social travel marketplace. The idea is to encourage traveling in social groups - of known and unknown people. The platform will help you meet new people, make new friends, learn new culture and cuisine etc. In order to achieve that, GroupOuting needs to stay strictly social.

What is the difference between a public outing and a private outing?

A public outing is a travel plan which is visible publicly where anyone can opt in. However, whether or not the person is actually allowed to join the group is totally upto the group admin to decide. So typically, you would join or create a public outing when you are looking to explore the adventure of traveling with unknown people, albeit who share the same passion for travel. Example: A bike ride to Mussoorie from New Delhi. Whereas in a private outing, the visibility of your tour plan is restricted to invited members only. Typically you would create a private outing when traveling with your family where you wouldn't want any unknown person to join your group.

Can i set restrictions when creating a public outing?

Of course you can. You can set restrictions in terms of age, sex, addictions habits, marital status, children etc. This helps in filtering out people who you do not want to be part of your public group.

I do not see a particular place in your "travel places" section. Why?

GroupOuting is a community based social travel solution. It intends to evolve with active participation of its members. Every member is in fact encouraged to add new places and help to promote it for the benefit of the travel community. Please go ahead and add the place you want people to know about. Once we review your submission, it will be added to the list of "Travel Places".

I have created an outing, added my friends, now what do i do?

That is completely up to you. If you want to conduct the tour yourself, go ahead and utilize all features ( itinerary builder, group expense manager, group chat, group album etc.) and functionality of GroupOuting to have an enriching travel experience. If on the other hand, you want to appoint a travel agent to conduct your tour, GroupOuting lets you choose from a huge pool of travel agents who offer various tour plans at your preferred destination with a wide range of price offers. At this point you can either appoint a travel agent of your choice directly from the website or open your tour plan for secret bidding by the travel agents. Based on your tour plan, travel gents will offer you secret offers/quotes. Choose the one you like most and get set go.

What is the utility of the group chat?

After you have created or joined a new outing, it is quite important to keep the communication open with other group members throughout the tour, starting from the planning phase till the tour ultimately ends and perhaps beyond. This communication tool becomes more relevant when interacting with new people in a public group. Plan your travel, know each other and always keep in touch through this amazing group chat tool.

What is the difference between "open" bidding and "closed" bidding?

In an open bidding, your tour plan is visible to all travel agents. Therefore every travel agent can review your tour plan and offer you a quote. In a closed bidding, you can pick and choose the travel agents of your choice to offer you secret quotes. Others will not be able to see or bid on your travel plan.

Why do i have to pay a commitment fee to be able to open my tour plan for bidding?

Although you may be a serious and passionate traveler, not everyone on the platform would be the same. There is a high chance that casual users on the website will also exploit this feature by unnecessarily inviting bids from travel agents. No other travel portal in the world offers you a platform where you can get secret bids from as many travel agents as you want without revealing your identity to them. Now, think about it, why would any legitimate travel agent offer you quotes blindly? Specially when, as you know, your identity is not revealed to them. Now, if you are seriously contemplating a travel and want to appoint a travel agent, you will have to pay him anyway. This small commitment fee is just an advance which will be adjusted with your total travel expense. When you pay this small token money as advance, legitimate travel agents would be assured that although they do not get to see you, you are at least a genuine traveler looking to appoint a good travel agent. That will get you good, competitive quotes. In short, this process is in place to simply eliminate casual users from serious travelers.

Why do i have to use GroupOuting to get quotes? I can get 100 quotes anyway from the internet, not paying a single penny.

Of course you can. But do you realize, at what expense? You will not only have to devote enough time on the internet to shortlist travel agents of your choice, then either call them up or email them or submit the quote request form on their website. Discounting the time that you will be investing in the process, do you realize what else you will be compromising on? Your identity & privacy- your phone number or email id. Are you prepared to get hounded by those travel agents who would flood you with phone calls and spam your inbox? If not, then GroupOuting is your only option. You not only get to choose from a pool of legitimate travel agents all at the same place, you do not have to spend time in reaching out to them. They take all the pain to send out their best quotes to you, never knowing who you are actually. All you have to do is just sit and compare quotes and choose the best one. Finally, you are not paying anything to GroupOuting either. The money you pay is an advance of your total tour cost.

What if i do not like any of the quotes? What happens to my commitment fee?

You have multiple options. You can re-open your travel plan for another secret bidding, this time with a different set of travel agents. Make it an "open" bid instead of a "closed" one, thereby getting more offers. Or just withdraw the money in your wallet to be reused on a later tour.

What are "GO Exclusive Tours"?

GroupOuting aims to redefine travel. We understand that everyone travels for a different reason. Some for their love for nature, some for their passion for photography, some for their love of wildlife and so on. A typical package tour that we all know and find on travel portals does not really give you that exclusivity. We at GroupOuting would conduct certain premium tours where we vow to give you that special thrill and experience which will redefine "travel" in your eyes forever. For example a wildlife tour would be conducted by renowned naturalists and wild life experts who would give you the experience of a lifetime. Imagine camping in the wild, sighting wild animals from close quarters and so on. Similarly a photography tour would be conducted by renowned photographers who will teach you the secrets and nuances of nature/wildlife photography. You ought to join one to live the difference.

I see a lot of travel agents registered. How do i verify that they are legitimate and authentic.

Although this is a social marketplace where anyone can register ( which may include some fake travel agents as well ), yet we take special care in profiling each travel agent. Look out for the special "GO verified" badge. Only those travel agents who have submitted all legal business and personal documents with us, are marked as "Go Verified". We also verify each member's personal and business credentials. GroupOuting also allots a score to each Travel Agent based on legitimate profile completion in terms of their certifications and memberships with Government/Private Travel Organizations. This score gives you an idea about how big or small they are. Besides, also keep an eye on the user reviews & feedback.

What is a Group Expense manager?

We have seen that in any group tour, managing group and individual expense is a pain. Either someone ends up paying more, or some expense gets left out and unaccounted, or there are discrepancies which remain unresolved. Group Expense Manager eliminates all such issues. It helps you manage group/personal expense in such an easy way that no one would ever complain again. Each group member gets to see real time, what expenses have been incurred and who owes whom, how much. Not only that, at the end of the tour, the app automatically sends out reminders and prompts to group members to pay up their dues.

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