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Do you ever wish you could just pack up your things, head out the door, and hit the beach? Of course you do, we all do! However, there is nothing more frustrating than planning a stress-free getaway and arriving to a crowded, tourist filled beach. That is where Im Swimming Here Today solves this problem.

What Is I’m Swimming Here Today?
I’m Swimming Here Today is much more than the best beach travel show, it is a place where you can find new and exciting beaches to explore that you may have never even knew existed. We document new beaches that we visit and show you just how beautiful the views are.

While we will be showing you great beach destinations to visit on vacation, we will also be providing you with educational information about each beach as well. Most of the beaches around the world have a vast history and we are here to give you the full story.

What Types Of Beaches Will I See?
The best part of this journey is that no two beaches are the same. While we like to find some of the most remote beaches that many do not know about, we will frequent some popular beaches as well to give you our take on them. We will cover some history of the beach, activities that each each offers, and anything else you need to know before you visit.

What Beaches Have We Visited?
Our adventure has taken us to many beautiful beaches all over the world and we have been loving every second of it. Take a look at just a few of our most recent visits:
● Negril, Jamaica - In Jamaica, we enjoyed cliff jumping with an amazing sunset to really set the scene
● Pitons Of St Lucia - In St Lucia, the waters were perfect as we swam and enjoyed the views.
● San Andreas, Columbia - A small island off the coast of Nicaragua made for a thrill of a lifetime. We also got to hold a Manta Ray, which isn’t as scary as one may think.
● St. Kitts - A beautiful beach allowed for the perfect views to get a little bit of rest and relaxation
● Reggae Beach Bar - While still in St Kitts, we visited the Reggae Beach Bar where we indulged in the best conch fritters in the world
● Ko Phi Phi Don - One of the most interesting tides we have witnessed occurred at Ko Phi Phi Don. The water would recede all the way back to the mountains allowing you to walk all the way out to where the water once was.
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