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10 most creative team outing ideas!
A weekend trip to Massanjore and Deoghar
A weekend trip to Massanjore and Deoghar

6 reasons for couples to ditch traditional ‘safe’ holidays and delve into some adventure this New Year!

6 reasons for couples to ditch traditional ‘safe’ holidays and delve into some adventure this New Year!

“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living” – Nelson Mandela

Adventure vacations spice up relationship with your significant other like nothing else! We all are pretty much aware of the fact that there is no alternative to traveling when it comes to bonding between couples. In due course, our life becomes tough and exceedingly demanding in a 24/7 existence. To keep up with the pace, couples, especially the working ones, are finding it hard to keep that zing alive which had once kept their excitement soaring high! To quote Arthur Aron, PhD, a psychology research professor at Stony Brook University, ‘’When you meet someone, fall in love, and start a relationship, it is very exciting. But over time you get used to your partner, and the excitement declines. But if you do something exciting (novel and challenging) with your partner, that excitement gets associated with the partner and the relationship”. And that’s where adventure travel vacations for couples find relevance.

If you’re keen to add some thrill to your usual travel experience, outdoor adventure trips are the ones that you should go for. It could be trekking, camping, snowboarding, rock climbing, scuba diving – you name it! The sheer excitement and raw pleasure of adventure trips aside, these can test your compatibility with your better half (well, you eventually find out if you are with your better half) and can turn out to be therapeutic for couples. Regardless of whether you just tied the knot or been together since ages, the adventure tours can help you bond with your partner under demanding circumstances.

Adventure breaks are great to know how your partner deals with emergencies. We all know that challenging situations pop up anytime in outdoor adventures. As such, these can turn out to be ideal ways of finding out how your significant other deals with crisis. For couples who have been together for long, you may be (pleasantly) surprised to see a new enthusiasm and energy in your partner, a trait that you may have started to forget over the years.


Short adventure breaks instill security in couples. As much independent as we like to call ourselves today, a testing phase can show us who we can ultimately depend on. The unprecedented challenges in an adventure trip compel you to stick together in good times and bad. You get to face your fears and learn to appreciate the togetherness as a matured couple while discovering an adventure hotspot. This anchoring, holding on to each other, becoming the support system of one another is one of the finest reasons for couples to explore outdoor adventure once in a while.

You get better chance to reignite your romance and passion with your partner in adventure tour holidays. A recent survey from the tent company OLPRO suggested that couples who go camping together have experienced higher level of passion between the sheets. As shy as we Indians are about addressing this aspect of togetherness, this certainly is a good enough reason for couple to get away from the stress of daily life and book some adventure trip for a couple of days.

When you’re trekking together, you not only provide company to each other but you also inspire each other. Constant encouragement to move on one step at a time works wonders in boosting confidence of the more introvert & shy partner.

Couples out on action holidays adjust their speed as per their partners need. Emotionally, physically and psychologically couples stay in tune with each other while exposed to the unknown. Nitty gritties most couples ignore in their daily life can come up to the fore while you are discovering a rough trail together.

Adventure holidays make you an even more evolved couple. When you are exposed to the vagaries of nature, you tend to show more respect, patience, flexibility and consideration to your better half. No matter how go-getter you are as a couple, you learn the art to let go when you are discovering the unforeseen.

So, although you will, in all likelihood, return home dog tired, tanned, and with sprained legs, an adventure trip is worth the pain. It makes you feel closer to your partner keeping the distractions of life aside. Even if you are just okay in your relationship, now you appreciate and respect your partner more for being beside you through the challenge.

Overall, some very strong reasons to venture into the wilderness with your beloved this winter! Two regular people can live an extraordinary life provided they are willing to take that risk and face those challenges upfront. Get out and try something novel and have an enriching winter ahead!!


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