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Travelling by the sky caves of Nepal and canyons carved by the Colorado River
Travelling by the sky caves of Nepal and canyons carved by the Colorado River
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A sneak peek on how to prepare for a trekking expedition

A sneak peek on how to prepare for a trekking expedition

“All kinds of travel excites me.”

I love leisure holidays at the same time planning to delve into adventure trip with my small group of friends this year. With festive season just round the corner, trekking could be just ideal! Today let’s take a look at few key tips on preparation for trekking that all the first timers need to keep in mind before taking that plunge. Trekking helps you to keep mentally and physically fit and active. It’s not arduous rather fun if you have that gung-ho attitude in you. All you need is little pre-trip training with a sensible and open mind without being an iron man or a woman. Let’s first focus on the fundamental things that we need to pay attention to:

Utilizing the weekends by going on easy and comfortable trails is the first preparation that a newbie should take before planning an exhaustive trekking trip. Initially start with one hour walking and gradually extending your walk that matches up to the actual length of your trekking trip. Experts recommend that at the initial session one should walk every alternate day on gentle terrain with low altitudes. But with time long distance walking training should be incorporated every day. Consistent and persistent walking benefits you in the long run. The trekking trails down south and Maharashtra are comparatively easy and perfect for the beginners.

Slowly start mimicking the conditions of a real tough trek. It doesn’t make sense if you keep walking on flat uniform surfaces. If the Himalayas are your ultimate goal, preparing your feet, knees and ankles on similar steep and rocky terrain would help a starter to experience and adjust to such stresses.

Experts advise to explore these easy trails with proper trekking gears like your outfit, boots and backpack, especially if they are newly bought items. It’s crucial for mountain trekking for beginners as it allows the person to understand the comfortability and adjustability with those trekking stuffs.

Trekking in Mountains

Trekkers who’ve trekked extreme expeditions suggests that when a beginner starts with easy hiking sessions, try to go in groups or with your partner. It helps in motivation and instills fun in your trip.

Trekking needs good endurance and back and shoulder strength. Professionals always suggest regular walking, swimming, stair climbing, yoga, gyming and biking helps to condition and prepare your body for a trekking expedition in near future. As per Rob Lockey, trainer and fitness coach, it’s always sensible to start ones pre-trip training few months before the actual departure.  If you are a sports fanatic, try out practicing soccer or football. In this way a novice strengthens and trains his body intensity from future injuries on the trail.

A good amount of mental preparation is also needed for a memorable trekking experience! Lay down goals for yourself which are achievable. Slowly build up your confidence level to enjoy your mountain trekking and keep on doing so with each expedition.

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