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Bengal’s Favourite Summer Picks
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A woman’s guide to staying fresh when hiking

Best Travel Quotes from Around the World

Best Travel Quotes from Around the World

Here is a list of the best travel quotes by famous travelers and adventurers who visited different countries, observed different cultures and gained wisdom through extensive world travel. These inspiring travel quotes can motivate anyone to choose the path less chosen, and show how travel empowers the mind, enriches the soul and makes one self content. There is no peace in possession of valuables if you aren’t in peace with your inner self. The best travel quotes by famous world travelers are but simple observations made by them who have come to the conclusion that travel is the best way to know yourself, the best teacher in life, the medicine to an aching soul, and the best gift we can ever give ourselves. We must all undertake this journey at least once in our lifetimes to experience the magic that travel can do to us, and we must do it while we can. We sure weren’t born to just pay our bills and dye. There is no courage in making safe choices in life, and these travelers and philosophers have said it best through their inspiring quotes on travel and tourism. What meaningless lives we would lead, if we did not travel and see the earth’s wonders. Lets do this while we still have the age and the energy to do this. But for those who could never take this decision in view of life;s compelling situations, remember its never too late to start, and you will only regret if you do not try. So take inspiration and get out there into the wilderness!

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