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Why should boys have all the fun – Attention ladies – go solo!
Why should boys have all the fun – Attention ladies – go solo!
Blessings of Ramganga – Journey to Jim’s Jungle
Blessings of Ramganga – Journey to Jim’s Jungle

Free Travel for Travel Bloggers, Photographers and Naturalists

Free Travel for Travel Bloggers, Photographers and Naturalists

How to travel for free?

Can I travel the world for free?

For people who are inspired by their sheer love for travel, these are the questions that popup in their minds quite often. How nice it would have been to travel the world and yet not have to pay. Is it really possible?

WWW.GROUPOUTING.COM, India’s growing travel network is a social community of more than 20,000 travellers across the country, which directly connects with tour operators on a bidding platform. Since its inception a few months ago, the company has focused on promoting exclusive tours with a difference!

GroupOuting.com guides its esteemed guests not only logistically but aims to provide the guests a rich experience in terms of an in-depth knowledge of the place and its surroundings. The tours are designed such that a traveller not only collects beautiful shots of the place, but also gains a good perspective of the place, its people, flora and fauna, its culture and way of life. This is achieved by ensuring each tour is guided by an experienced and knowledgeable Tour Mentor. For tours that focus on birding, wildlife and endangered species, a GroupOuting exclusive tour is unique because every wildlife expedition is accompanied by an experienced Naturalist or wild life photographer who guides the team as a mentor.

As an experienced traveller with in-depth knowledge of a certain territory or location, this is your chance to share your experience to educate co-travellers by volunteering to be a Tour Mentor and earn from the Guided tours. Simultaneously, travellers who are passionate about penning down their rich experiences or design a photo blog of their tours can participate and earn handsomely through their writing and photography skills.

GroupOuting.com is about travelling on your own terms. Through these initiatives, we encourage you to travel more and earn from your experiences. The community of travellers and travel lovers are all invited to join the community, contribute in your own capacity and keep travelling.  Professional bloggers, Photographers and Naturalists have an option to travel for free with GroupOuting™ as well as earn handsomely from the tours! To know more, follow the instruction below:

  • Signup with GroupOuting™

  • Verify your phone number

  • Complete your profile ( Choose your vocation appropriately )

  • Email at letsgo@groupouting.com. Your Subject line will be “I want to be a Travel Mentor/Travel Blogger/ Photo Mentor for GroupOuting.com”.

( Note: Choose the vocation you want to associate with appropriately on the subject line)

We are excited to talk to you soon. Cheers!

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