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Touring through the Cloudbursts: An Experience of Kind
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Group Outings for Corporates: Outdoor RNR for Employee Appreciation

Group Outings for Corporates: Outdoor RNR for Employee Appreciation

Life was never as complicated as it is today! Negative stress of the 21st century is a monster that plays havoc with mind-body health and the repercussions of office stress spill on to our domestic lives if we are not wary. Work-life balance for many of us has gone for a complete toss! The working population spends 10-13 hours at office on an average and oftentimes colleagues even commute together in company or public transport. It easily transpires that one is compelled to spend more time with fellow workers in these bizarre times than he can with his immediate family and friends; It is not an overstatement to mean that office has become our second home! The scenario was perhaps not so grim even a couple of decade back!

Motivational gurus, life coaches, and occupational counsellors are being increasingly hired by companies to help improvise ways to sustain a healthy work set up for their employees where they can put in their best while happily co-existing with their team mates with minimal conflicts. The idea is to help them bond healthily over work whilst promoting an ideal working relationship. When a person is happy at work he carries less emotional baggage and becomes an asset for his company.

One of the many ways of promoting team-building at work is conducting office outings or employee group tours and getting everyone involved in it. Most corporate are welcoming the idea. A corporate outing proves to be a great activity that helps employees relax, engage in group activities enthusiastically as a team, indulge themselves in good food and stay, and at the same time appreciate the initiative taken by the employer to acknowledge and reward their contribution at work.

Corporate team excursions or even day outings are fun and exciting! Organizers may plan picnics, weekend outings or even a week’s break from their regular work schedule. Such pleasure trips serve as ice-breaking sessions for new employees, as well as help the employees feel gel more comfortably with the management. We are less guarded and more open with one another in a happy frame of mind which helps to bond. Seniors and subordinates are like one happy family!

Besides a simple employee get together or team outing, many corporate plan their Annual Rewards and Recognition Events around such corporate outings. An outdoor location, great ambience, charged up employees, good food and wine – and an award to recognize employee contribution and pick rising stars! What better way to reward your employees?

The travel destination could be a local getaway, countryside resort or outstation spots rich in the flora and fauna. The forests, beaches or the hills – it could be any destination based on your team’s choice or you could completely plan something unique and different to surprise them. Team outings often are full of surprise elements arranged by organizers who know the trick of getting employees to engage in activities that help them relax and gell with each other better.

To put it simply – corporate outings are a huge hit among organizations of all sizes and budgets. The rising trend is owing to a number of factors.

1. Your employees finally get to let their hair down. No meetings no targets, not being answerable for a job not done within deadline.

2. Smaller companies and start-ups make provisions to include families. For an employee, it is a huge bonus. It saves him the guilt pangs of leaving the partner behind whilst he enjoys a gala time!

3. Such trips are enervating and help to heal the stressed nerves and muscles. All fatigue is flushed out of the system as group outings are replete with interactive games and pleasure activities. They help a tired soul come back to life with vigour and punch!

4. Group travel provides security. It is a safe bet. You can safely take the female employees for overnight corporate trips as no outsider will dare to mess with anyone who is travelling with a battalion! Spending a long duration at a stretch with one another develops a spirit of fraternity among colleagues. Conflicts ebb and office rivalry diminishes.

5. A close knit team would not want to break the bond and look for opportunities outside, so it helps you retain your resources better.

6. Such outings are a welcome break for women with family and social liabilities. Vacation for women employees is often a far-fetched term, a continuation of duties to be carried out at a different setting in a resort or hotel. It is equally a welcome break for single or divorced women who usually cannot plan a trip for want of a partner.

7. Group excursions are always economic and pocket-friendly as the expenses get shared by all members in a huge group.

8. Perfect bonding concept to promote healthy working relations and team building through trust, mutual admiration and respect for all fellow workers – irrespective of the rank/position/hierarchy at work. Such trips provide opportunities to know and learn about each other from close quarters.

9. A group with varied interests keeps monotony at bay! Group is ‘composite’; you are less likely to get bored soon! There’s always a chance of having another for company in case you are not compatible with one.

10. Travelling is a great learning experience! For many organization in different industries, it can open up avenues to generate more interest, develop a skill and even nurture the passion of employees. The place you travel and its people also teach a lot with its culture, geography, language, climate, flora and fauna.

11. Chances are that you get to explore more in a group than you imagined covering on a solo trip. In a group, you are better equipped and the energy is almost infectious.

As an organization or a corporate employee in a managerial position, you have the power to suggest a corporate outing as a part of your team building and human resource development initiatives. Choose a good travel partner who can look after the safety measures, the logistics of managing a large team outing, and leave the rest to them. It can be one of the best suggestions you may put forward to your management to encourage employee engagement.

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