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Women on a Wonderful Journey – Teaming up with Fellow Wanderers
Women on a Wonderful Journey – Teaming up with Fellow Wanderers
GO GroupOuting™ – Travel on your own terms
GO GroupOuting™ – Travel on your own terms

Increase the USP of Your Travel Package | GroupOuting

Increase the USP of Your Travel Package | GroupOuting

The good thing about online booking is that it has become like shopping; you compare among different sites and decide on the holiday package. Now, that is from the perspective of the holidayers. What about the travel agents or agencies who are providing these packages? The growing internet intervention has made it quite clear, that holidayers are looking for unique experiences, and they want someone who can offer them an exclusive trip. To be more precise, they are looking for customized travel packages which will be one of its kind. Let’s try to analyze the latest trends of holidaying and what kind of expectations holidayers have from their travel agents.

Focus on the group needs

There are many kinds of holidayers. Some travel for leisure, some love the concept of travelling solo, some travel mainly for business, but would love to combine it with leisure and then there are others who love group outing. There are too many travellers and too many choices. But it is your responsibility to find out what your particular holidayer wants. For example, if they are travelling to Himachal Pradesh, try to find out their areas of interest. Would they love to go for paragliding at Solan? Or they would be more interested in local sightseeing minus the adventure? Offer variety in your packages – the same destination may offer different thrills to different groups – so design your itinerary keeping in mind your target audience – whether its family, college youth, corporate batches or school children.

Customize the package Creative packages are actually a good way to advertise your special features. So, if your customers know that you are planning to include a cultural program in your itinerary that would be an added bonus. One of the primary purposes of holidaying is to know about a new place, its people and customs. And more and more people are leaning towards the concept cultural tourism, which allows the travelers to have a close perspective of the life and culture of the natives of the place. So, if you are the one who can provide them with this unique experience, make your pitch carefully. Having a detailed discussion about the things travelers want, and the ones you can provide. This will bridge the gap and help you to plan a package tour, customized to meet trending demands of the industry.

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