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New Age Travel Funda: Mixed Group Outings

New Age Travel Funda: Mixed Group Outings

‘Vacationing’ is the word we all swear by when the everyday stress gets the better of us.

Earlier we heard of joint family gatherings during school and festive vacations; these get-togethers, though fun, were restricted and routine, with only family members like grand-parents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins as participants. Such gatherings did not lend any opportunity to co-mingle with rank outsiders; it never crossed the imagination to include strangers in personal space. Entertaining any such thought could have been blasphemous!

Today, thankfully, we are gradually moving towards more progressive and driven concepts. New age travel agenda is taking a leap ahead of its times with the gen-x and gen-y being more experimental than their earlier counterparts. They are smarter, adventurous and like to pull out all the stops in their lives in their quest to explore the unknown. The age-old practices are readily losing ground with these youngsters who are determined to add the extra spunk to their travel itinerary.

The moot idea of ‘Mixed Group Outings’ and its features:

  • Is to unwind whilst exploring the hitherto unknown beauty of travel hot-spots of the country and abroad.
  • These group outings are inclusive; they are meant to include known and/or even unknown members with a view to share diverse ideologies, culture, language, etc.
  • Such outings are meant for men and women/seniors and youngsters/children and adults alike; they are open to all.
  • Such tours are customized and personalized to suit the needs and preferences of the participants. Each member gets the choice to select the age-group/gender/cultural background and even nationality of fellow-travellers before embarking on such excursions together.
  • The members interact with each other on as simple an interface as whatsapp or such similar applications prior to taking such tours. It is an attempt to know each other’s background and interests and then choosing to be or not to be part of the group is a prerogative of the member alone.

The Plus-es:

  1. Adrenaline rush to explore the unknown with the unknown.
  2. Everyone in the trip gets to foot his own bills. This saves all from burning their pockets beyond reason on travel expeditions.
  3. There is a ranging opportunity to know and interact with people across the spectrum.
  4. Travel is easier and stress-free. It saves one the harassment of being in charge for everything from lodging, food to selecting tour attractions. The travel guide or agent is responsible for all travel needs in case it is a conducted tour; else combined decisions are taken in a group without a guide and the onus is never on any one singular person.
  5. Compatible group outings are usually loaded with a lot of fun since such tours are more personalizedand carefully planned. One selects from activities galore which may range from adventurous sports like deep water diving, surfing (water sports), parachute sailing, bungee jumping (aerial sports), rock climbing to more simpler trekking to pleasurable activities like camp-fire night outs, sit-down interactive games, or even blind dating games and interactive sessions for people looking for prospective partners; you name it and they have it on the agenda and you sure are spoilt for choice! Such outings are rarely monotonous.

Word of Caution:

  • Nothing is fool-proof and no one can be taken at face value; the adage might as well be applied here as well. Despite all the time and effort spent on pre-tour research, there is always a marginal chance of a miscalculation; the best laid plans may go haywire if one is unscrupulous in planning. The best part is one gets to personalize his/her own tour and exercises discretion in selecting his/her group mates. It is, therefore, best advised to be thorough with one’s travel itinerary before embarking on such pleasure trips.

All said and done, it is a fair deal! Travel was never as fun and interactive….so are you ready to take on new age travel funda and enjoy the challenges that come with it head on? You sure will never regret giving a new twist to your next vacation plans.

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