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Sand Art and Pipli Appliqué – The Historically Rooted Art Form of Orissa

Sand Art and Pipli Appliqué – The Historically Rooted Art Form of Orissa

Orissa, the mystical and fascinating land has the perfect blend of ancient heritage and modern today!  Gorgeous locations, friendly people and exotic traditions make Orissa a hot favorite destination for Indians as well as foreign tourists! On one hand Orissa has world class architectural monuments and temples with rich history and tradition to brag about. On the other hand it is the home of few distinct yet renowned artistry and handicrafts like sand art and Pipli appliqué work. Both of these handicrafts are the most primitive craftships of Orissa.

Carving beautiful and eye-catching sculpture with sand is popularly known as the sand art. It’s a unique art form of Orissa which has gained tremendous acclaim both in India and abroad. When we are talking about sand art, almost in every beach in the world, one of the common scenes to notice is children building sand castles with spade and bucket. Of course that’s a more innocent and simple form of this artistry. Pure sea sand mix with water is all needed to create the magnificent sculptures which have become quite rampant on the sea beaches of Orissa these days. Sand art has become a sort of a medium to express creativity of the artist and send a message to the world as well. Way back in the 14th century, we find mention of this form of art in the life history of the renowned poet Balaram Das. The new age torch bearer of this art form of international fame is Mr. Sudarshan Pattnaik. He gave a new dimension and life to this art form. Mostly his work talks about world peace, climatic changes and different alarming and major societal concerns. I’m pretty much sure that if you’ve visited the Puri beach, you must have witnessed artists carving sand figurines and different national and international models sometime.

Sand Art Festival in Odisha

Sand Art Festival in Odisha

Unlike to stone, carving on sand is way much easier. Hence this art form is easy to learn as well. In a short time span, a learner gets to know the nuances of this modeling sand art form effectively. There are institutes imparting training on this fine art. Tidal beaches have different shaped sand grains that actually restrict height and structure of a creation. Perfect sculpture sand should have silt and clay in equal proportion that helps to lock the uneven sand grains together. Sand architecture is the most sought after of resources and the art form has gained huge respect and love of people with time. Give a treat to your eyes with some of the awesome sand art creations the next time you visit Orissa!

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