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The Top 10 National Parks – Any shutterbug’s delight!

The Top 10 National Parks – Any shutterbug’s delight!

Wild life sanctuaries and their spectacular beauties are the perfect places to explore the beasts in their natural habitats! National Parks and sanctuaries were built with an aim to conserve and protect the critically threatened species. India is a country of bio diversity with 5 percent of the land covered under forests. As a result, the country is a land of exotic wild animals and species, floras and faunas to flaunt.  With a total 166 authorized national parks and 515 wildlife sanctuaries, India is a hotspot destination to explore the wild life in action. Each of these conservation grounds have different landscapes. Tourists from diverse corners of the world visit these reserves to witness the awe-inspiring sight and sound of nature and its descendants.  National parks and sanctuaries introduce you to nature in an unforgettable way! Let us begin our wild safari with the top 10 national parks and sanctuaries that would turn any visitor into a compulsive wild life shutterbug. If you’re scheduling a group outing shortly, do visit these national reserves and delve into the wonders of nature:


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