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To the Dark and Back Caves

To the Dark and Back Caves

As against ‘light’ which signifies illumination and arrival, the ‘dark’ is shrouded in mystery; it has an unparalleled beauty of its own!

To many, the cold and rugged silence of the dark is chilling; there is a lurking fear of the unknown. Paradoxically, the dark attracts when it has legacies to pass and age-old legends to share.

I am talking about the historic and pre-historic caves of India that are an archeologist’s delight! Many still remain to be explored and unveiled and most lie in ruins, but those that are well-preserved and already famous have a thousand words to tell about the yester glory of the country. Almost every state in India has certain number of caves that record history and are stunning specimens of art, architecture and culture of the bygone era. If you are a lover of history and admirer of art/literature/poetry, a travel buff, photography enthusiast, a geologist or simply fond of unraveling mysteries with a keen and curious mind, the ‘deep and dark’ are too good to give a miss! If you already have drawn up a travel-planner for the year, don’t think of leaving these out – or at least consider visiting some before you pass your prime and you’ll have no regrets!


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