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Women Trippers: Dare To Take the Road Less Travelled

Women Trippers: Dare To Take the Road Less Travelled

Do you belong to the school of thought where you think you need to lean on your man for everything – even for as elementary a thing as planning a getaway? Do you really need to wait till he winds up his backlog at work, applies and waits almost ‘endlessly’ for the ever-so-elusive ‘sanctioned leave’? Lo! The painful passage of time comes to nothing when you learn that he’s barely managed it for a few days; you can’t help but mumble some expletives under your breath!

Take heart! Despite the scariest, sensational and most exhaustive of media reports on crimes against women, this world is still the most beautiful place to live in and explore! Yes, you got it correct, you need no longer hold tight on to your inhibitions….it’s time to let them all go and take the world by its horns quite literally! Not all parts of the world are infested with lechers and lewd psychotics, and certainly not all men are eve-teasers! India and some other parts of the world have some blissful and undoubtedly safe places for women travelling solo or in groups. If you are an Indian or a resident, I’d be only too glad to list some of the most bewildering places for you to visit. A low-down:


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