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Image Courtesy - Google
Indroda Nature Park
Image Courtesy - Google
Indroda Nature Park
Image Courtesy - Google
Indroda Nature Park
Image Courtesy - Google
Indroda Nature Park
Image Courtesy - Google
Indroda Nature Park
Shaking Minarets
Shaking Minarets
Gingee Fort
Gingee Fort

Indroda Nature Park


Wildlife | Scenic

  • Photography
  • Sightseeing

Indroda Nature Park


Wildlife | Scenic

  • Photography
  • Sightseeing

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Second largest hatchery of Dinosaur eggs in the world, Indroda Nature Park is a not to miss opportunity! Spread across 400 hectares of land, this nature park in Gandhinagar. Indroda Nature Park is under the administration of Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation (GEER). Ideal park for children. Tickets are low. Well managed park.

Know Gujarat at a glance

The 6th largest Indian state located to the west of the country, Gujarat is one of the most popular travel destinations of the country. Gujarat shares its state border with the neghboring states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, and offers a wide variety of visual wonders to the travellers. From being the only spot for Asiatic lions in the World to the incredible White Rann of Kutch, it has a lot to offer to mesmerize travellers. With Amitabh Bachchan as the brand Ambassador of the Gujarat State Tourism board, Gujarat rightly tops as one of the most visited states with plenty of tourist places of historical and cultural importance. Rani ka Vav, Hills of Saputara, the Sabarmati (Gandhi) Ashram, the 11th century Modhera Sun temple, the Mandvi beach, Laxmi Vilas Palace, Somnath temple – are just a few among the top tourist places in Gujarat.

Gujarati cuisine is essentially vegetarian. A minor section of Gujratis are non vegetarian and include fish and meat in their menu. The main Gujrati cuisine comprises of different kinds of rotis, pickles, kadhis, vegetables in mild spices  –  all with high nutritional value with a dominant sweet sour flavour in most dishes.

The most common ingredients in Gujarati food is the use of everyday vegetables, a wide variety of mild Indian spices, lemon, tomato and sugar. These aside, they also regularly use lentils, besan or gram flour, curd and sesame seed. The food helps stay hydrated in their dry weather.

The typical Gujarati meal consists of Daal Bhaat Rotli Shaak, or rice, chapatti, lentil and vegetables – wholesome and nutritious. Some of the most popular traditional Gujrati dishes include Khandvi, Undhiyu, Gujrati Kadhi, Dhokla, Puran Poli, Bajri no Roti, Bardoli ki Khichdi, Thepla, Dhokla, Handvo, Khaman, Gujrati Samosa, Khakhra, Chakli and Patra. All these are typical Gujrati vegetarian dishes. While travelling you may opt for Thepla and Bateta nu shaak which can stay fresh for a long time and easy to pack and preserve on overnight long journeys.

The common Gujrati snaks include Chakri, Fafda, Khakhra, Mathia, Dhokla, Ghanthia, Mamra and khajli. Famous Gujrati sweets are Sukhadi, Sutarfeni, Shrikhand, Jalebi, Kansar, Adadiya, Basundi, Ghoogra, Ghebar, Keri no ras, Mohanthar and so on.

The most important Gujrati festival is Navaratri, and their most common celebration is through their famous  Dandiya dance. Navaratri is an ancient religious festival that continues through nine nights to honour the divine power personified as the Mother Goddess. Its a colourful and musical festival celebrated with song and dance including the entire family. Garba and Dandiya dance are the special attraction of Navaratri celebrations.

The International Kite Festival in Gujarat is another famed festivity celebrated on the of January to mark the end of Winter. Feasts and kite flying through the day marks the celebration and devotees also visit temples to pay homage to the various Gods who are believed to awaken from deep slumber on this day. This day sees kites of various colours, forms and shapes being flown in the sky, many are specially designed for this day.

Among the unique Gujrat festivals is the Kutch Mahotsava that is celebrated in a big way in the desert district of Kutch in Western Gujarat. The barren Rann of Kutch turns into a paradise in those couple of months – with lights, colours, luxury tents; and the festivity invites travellers from all over the world.

Gujratis also celebrate the Deepavali, Modhera Dance Festival, Holi and Janmashtami with equal enthusiasm.

Gujarat is a culturally and geographically diverse state in India with rich traditions and heritage dating back to the Harappan civilization. Multiculturalism is at the core of Gujarat with examples of Hindu craftsmanship to Islamic architecture in various parts of the state. The birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Sir Vallabhbhai Patel, Ahmedabad and Sabarmati are widely popular for the Gandhi Ashram. The Modhera Sun Temple is another popular spot as well as an architectural landmark as the earliest Solanki temple of Gujarat. Visitors also flock to Sankeshwar and the Baucharaji temples en route to Modhera.

The little Rann of Kutch is a unique experience of cultural diversity in Bhuj, Gujarat. As many as eighteen different tribes peacefully coexist here, each with their own set of language, customs and culture. The tribal villages and the Wild Ass Sanctuary are special attractions of the Little Rann of Kutch.

The Jain temples in Girnar are exquisite examples of architectural marvel as well as places of spiritual interest. Patan and Sidhpur are places of historical as well as religious importance with sites such as Rani Ka Vav, Sahasra Linga Talav, Bindu Sarovar. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation arranges a Heritage walk from Kalupur Swaminarayan temple to Juma mosque everyday that covers architecture, archeology, forts, palaces, gravesites as well as Buddhist footprints.

Under ecotourism, Gujarat has 25 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries for wildlife enthusiasts, and is the only spot that breeds Asiatic lions in the World.

Music and folk dance are an integral part of the Gujrati culture. Garba, Dandiya Raas, Padhar, Tippani, Danga and Siddi are popular folk dance forms.

Gujarat’s handicraft have a distinct mark of the Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, British and Parsis. Gujarati women are deft with intricate thread and needle work. The famous Gujarat handicraft includes Bandhani work, Kuttchi work, Khadi, bamboo handicraft, patolas, pottery, wood and metal craft. When in Gujrat, buy Patola sarees, fabric with Bandhani work and block prints, mirror work garments and clothing, Kutchi handicraft, luxury quilts, embroidered jackets and heavy jewellery.

Saurashtra and Kutch are the best places to shop the typical handicrafts of Gujarat. Colourful glass pellets used in fabric, garments, bed cover, wall and door hangings, torans and a range of home decorating items and accessories can be bought as a special souvenir for Gujarat.

Gujarati is the language of the people of Gujarat. Adapted from the Devanagari script, any non-Gujrati greets a native with a Kem chho that stands for how are you and responds with a maja ma chhu. Padhaaro is for welcome, and avjo is for goodbye. And if you must know, I love you locally translates into hum tane prem karu chhu.

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By Road: One can hire local transport and private vehicle from the airport and railway station to explore the sightseeings.

By Train: Ahmedabad railway station is the nearest rail head well connected with Nagpur, Bikaner, Jaipur and other cities. Gandhinagar is 26 kms from the railways station.

By Air: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport Ahmedabad is the nearest airport. Gandhinagar is 27 kms from the airport.


Won’t find many eateries so its best advised to carry food and water.

No data available. Feel free to contribute information regarding local transports services available at this place.

From October till March are apt for sightseeing!

The models of dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus and other species, a zoo with animals like porcupine, hare, deers, wild boars and others, massive skeletons of blue whale, botanical garden, interpretation center, amphitheatre, camping facilities and a wildness park are the main attractions!

Akshardham temple: This temple is dedicated to Swaminarayan!

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