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Jasidih is a beautiful city located in Deogarh district of Jharkhand. A major rail head, this place is a small yet quite popular place among devotees who drop at this rail junction to reach Baidyanath dham shiva temple.

Know Jharkhand at a glance

Jharkhand is a newly formed state located in east India. Southern Bihar was cut-out to create Jharkhand and the long dreams of the various backward tribes were realized in 2000 with this historical move! Spread across 79,714 sq kms of land, Jharkhand is surrounded by UP, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and West Bengal.

Rich in exotic flora and fauna, this tribal land is based in Chotanagpur plateau encircled with hills. Ranchi is the state capital and experiences a temperate weather. Unlike other states, Jharkhand has surprising number of hills, forests, lakes, waterfalls and valleys preserving its natural splendor from the ill effects of urbanization.

The land with rustic beauty, Jharkhand’s festivals, food, music and dance will make any first time traveler overwhelmed and captivate to the T! The rhythmic beat of the tribal drums and simple and easy locals living under gracious natural beauty makes this land unique from the rest!

A mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian courses, authentic Jharkhand food is not available in many restaurants. Rice, along with vegetables and pulses are the staple food of Jharkhand. They like to make vegetables in different ways – curried, roasted, boiled and other means. Some of the popular cuisines of Jharkhand include Dhuska – a deep fried pancake made of rice flour. Tastes awesome, dhuskas are served with gram curry. Meat salan is made of lamb meat, a spicy curry with diced potatoes to add to the flavour. Garam masala is a must component of this delicious non-veg delicacy! Tilkut is a widely popular sweet, made of sesame seeds with sugar or molasses. Thekua is a speciality among the sweet meats during chaat puja and other local festivals. It is prepared with whole meal flour, ghee and jaggery. Litti is a local delicacy eaten with pickles.

People of Jharkhand also love to consume different leafy vegetables cooked in less spice. Panch phoron is a common spice in many of their dishes. Jharkhand people also consume mutton and chicken prepared in a delectable dish.

The festivals of Jharkhand are an amalgamation of antiquity and tradition. Some of the main festivals of this state are Sarhul where the sal tree is worshipped. This tribal celebration takes place during spring time and it’s believed that its observance protects the village from all sorts of natural calamities. Jawa is mainly celebrated by the unmarried tribal girls for better fertility, providing melons to the karam deity. Karma is a huge celebration observed with a 24 hours fast. The branch of a sal tree is worshipped in this festival. Tusu is harvest festival observed in Tamar and Raidih area during poush months where unmarried girls carry decorated bamboo frames and immerse them in the nearby hilly river. Rohini festival of sowing seeds is also an important event among the farmers and cultivators.

Other ethnic festivals of this region include Hal Punhya, Bandna, Bhagta Parab, Chaath Pooja and others.

Other than traditional festivals, Jharkhand also celebrates holi, Diwali, Eid-ul-fitr, Ramnavami, Basant Panchami, and Muharram among others.

The merging of tribal and non tribal communities make Jharkhand’s culture truly rich and a colorful civilization. Jharkhand people are superb craftsmen; its craftsmanship is dated back to the pre-Harappan era, its mark found by archeologists through the discovery of ancient pottery from the region. Wood craft is an important art form of this place. Doors, windows, different house hold items, boxes, fishing equipments and other gears for rituals in Jharkhand are made of slender and supple wood. Wooden toys and wood painted human figurines are some of the exquisite souvenir items in Jharkhand!

Folk painting is a special type of painting of this region that highlights the true spirit of this land. Besides, folk dance and music are equally famous and deep rooted. Sarhul is a significant tribal festival which is accompanied by dance, music and drinking. Also authentic metal craftsmen, dokra and clay works signify the culture of this place.

Though the place doesn’t have any special regional sport, Jharkhand has its international cricket stadium and tennis academy as well. Mahendra Singh Dhoni belongs from this state.

Apart from the popular Hudru Falls and Dimna Lake, tourist attractions like Tribal Culture Center in Jamshedpur, Jagannath Temple in Ranchi, Sun Temple, Palamu, Giridih, Hazaribagh, Netarhat, Deogarh and other places offer a perfect glance of the culture and tradition in Jharkhand.

Toy making is an unusual and one of the most sought-after handicrafts of this place. One of the must-buy items, the wooden toys are abstract creations of the artists. Folk painting is one of the oldest forms of art. Also called paitkar, these paintings portray life after death events. Close to extinction, this art from rightly deserves funds for endorsement. Wood craft is equally well known as the state has abundance of forests and woods. Different wood made household and decorative items are manufactured in this art style. Baskets, fishing and festival equipments and other daily items are made of bamboo making this handicraft as one of the oldest forms.

One can buy these exciting local goods from different emporiums and shops distributed throughout the state. Street vendors also sell these items but make sure to bargain!

Hindi is the most widely spoken language of this place. Next comes English. Bhojpuri, Oriya, Urdu, Bengali and other Indian languages are also spoken here. The state also uses different adivasi languages like Munda, Ho, Santali and Mundari. Angika is an Indo-Aryan language and quite a common dialect of this region. The people living in the Santhal Parganas generally speak this language.

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Deogarh is the nearest town which has many guest houses and hotels for night stay. Rented accommodations are also available here.


By Road: Jasidih is well connected via road to the adjacent cities like Jamui, Banka, Giridih, and Godda by bus and other local transports.

By Train: Jasidih has its own rail head well connected to Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur and other cities.

By Air: Ranchi airport is the closest airport to Jasidih. It has domestic carrier flights to Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi and other cities.


The place won’t provide many quality restaurants. However, few road side eateries and makeshift stalls are majorly available to satiate one’s hunger pangs.

Autos and tempos are the main local transports of this region used by tourists to explore in and around.

From October till March are the ideal months to be here.

Arogya Bhawan, Kamal Sarovar Madhuwagada, and Pagal Baba Ashram are the main attractions of this place. Besides, there are many ancient havelis to explore which are spread across the small town!

Deogarh – A famous hill station, this place also attracts many Hindu pilgrims every year!

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